Störfall Karlsruhe

During a seminar on communication in exceptional situations, we were approached by an expert from the State Institute for the Environment, Survey and Nature Conversation (LUBW Karlsruhe) concerning the current communication of how to behave in the case of an emergency. In this case, there are four companies in Karlsruhe that fall under the hazardous incident ordinance of the city. Starting point was the statutory brochure that informs the citizens of Karlsruhe.

We accepted the challenge and started working on an entire communication concept in a team of 7 students (Julia Bauer, Nico Butschbacher, Bianca Jankowski, Christian Richter, Eike Stender, Lisa Walter, and I) and our supervisor Indra Häußler. Our first step was to analyse the existing brochures and website as well as the target audience. We found that there is no specific target group (everyone in Karlsruhe should know how to behave in the case of an emergency) and that the existing information material required a lot of initiative while being hardly accessible and not very comprehensible. We decided to focus on the lowest common denominator – children – and adjust texts and images accordingly. We created the popular figures of Karl & Kevin with Karl doing everything right and Kevin usually getting it wrong. Through this setup, we could communication the right behavior and show wrong behavior in a funny (clumsy) way while using comprehensible language and eye catchers such as posters, postcards, Pixi books, short films, give-aways, and educational films.

My main task was the concept creation, supervision, animation, and presentation of our project. We presented the concept to the mayor of Karlsruhe and the fire chief as well as the four companies that work with hazardous materials in 2014. The brochure and website as well as two films were published in early 2016. Thanks to this job, we received further jobs concerning internal educational material at one of the companies.

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