As my doctoral thesis is not only a perception study and scientific work but also a design project and strongly visual work, I wanted to not only publish it as a ‘boring’ book consisting only of standard-layout text but show how I would create the layout if it was my decision alltogether. The project was supervised by Juliane Hohlbaum¬†and the main challenges were the massive amount of text, the complexity of some graphics and the high number of screenshots and examples. As I also wanted to illustrate the pracitcal work itself, the integrated titles for the short documentary film “Joining the Dots”, I searched for a way to incorporate it into the book. Juliane had the great idea to include stills of all titles between the chapters – this way, the audience can “read” the entire film while being able to see all the titles the scientific work is based upon. The cover of the book finally illustrates the process of integrating the titles into the image area by having the titles leave the bottom area of the screen.

The official version of my doctoral thesis can be found, downloaded, and bought here.



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