Diplom exhibition

In July 2017, I presented my Diplom project and other work from my studies in Communication Design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG Karlsruhe). For the presentation itself, I chose the cinema-like screening room “Blauer Salon” as a relevant portion of my work were films. For the physical and interactive part of the presentation, I created a rather spacious exhibition consisting of three huge wall elements, a video wall, 7 television screens, and various pedestals.

The exhibition included the following projects: blueprint basketballBissiger Hund / Chien méchant, Baustelle Karlsruhe, Ordnung als Konfliktpotenzial, In the Beholder’s Eye, Störfall Karlsruhe, Grafik / Numerik, integriti, Integrated Titles for Notes on Blindness

You can find more photos of the exhibition here.

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