Book of Noz

Andrew “Noz” Nosnitzky is a music journalist that knows his way around rap and hip-hop music like no other. Whether it’s interviews with rappers such as Kool Keith or Waka Flocka Flame or in-depth background pieces on the history of hip-hop, he can deliver it all.

Andrew delivered a great talk at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe as well as a workshop for a number of students that would then work on concepts on how to publish ten of his recent articles. I participated with Desiree Kabis, a fellow student, and we decided to give a handmade and illustration-based approach a shot while diving deep into the world of underground hip-hop.

After listening to the music of E-40, NWA, and others for several weeks while creating illustrations fitting their music and corresponding interviews, we started putting together the “Book of Noz”. Each article in the collection is accompanied by handdrawn illustrations and set in bold, rough type.

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