Bauplatz Karlsruhe

The short documentary film “Bauplatz Karlsruhe” (construction site Karlsruhe) resulted from a photography class at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. The task was to find a topic that makes us really angry and use it to channel our inner “Wutbürger” (angry citizen). As I struggled with a topic, I looked at my environment and one topic kept coming up – the construction sites in Karlsruhe. As the city is renewing some of its major roads and moving some of the tram lines underground, you cannot move far without encountering constructions.

My first approach was to take photos of these friends and acquaintances when encountering their most hated construction site. Quickly realizing that the photos easily felt set up and constructed, I started filming and conducted short interviews. Combined with the local sounds of the construction sites, I combined everything into a short documentary film on Karlsruhe’s favorite complaint.

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