Edited by Isable Lacruz (Kent State University) and Riitta Jääskeläinen (University of Eastern Finland), the book Innovation and Expansion in Translation Process Research deals with the rising amount of cognitive research in translation and interpreting studies. The contributions to the book discuss topics such as “advances in traditional topics in translation process research, including problems in translation, translation competence or expertise, and specialization of translators; advances in research into the emotional or affective aspects of translating and translator training; innovations in machine translation and post-editing; expansion of cognitively-oriented translation studies to include editing processes and reception studies”.

Together with Jan-Louis Kruger, Stephen Doherty, and Peter de Lissa, I contributed the chapter Multimodal measurement of cognitive load during subtitle processing: Same-language subtitles for foreign-language viewers. It presents the findings of a multimodal study that combines a suite of methods, namely, eye tracking, electroencephalography, and self-reported psychometrics, to investigate the impact of language and layout on cognitive load in the absence and presence of conventional same-language subtitles and integrated titles in an English fiction film viewed by L2 speakers of English.

Keywords: cognitive load, electroencephalography, dynamic text, eye tracking, integrated titles, multimodal, reading index, split attention, subtitles, transportation, working memory

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