My first ever article that was published is a short piece about how to understand, transcribe, and analyze aviation communication. During a complex project in partnership with the DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung; German air traffic control), my task was to transcribe and analyze air traffic control communication at airports in Paris and Amsterdam. It gives a basic overview of the communication itself and challenges that arise with it.

About the book

“This book contains a collection of articles dealing with aviation communication from a practical as well as a theoretical perspective. Its publication arises as a result of the conference «Languages and cultures above the clouds – International English between standardization and everyday aviation communication», which took place on the 4th and 5th November 2010 at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Germersheim. The book substantiates and prospectively encourages an exchange between pilots, air traffic controllers, (language) trainers and researchers, i.e. an exchange between theory and practice. Not only does it contribute to the discussion of communication problems, but also to the development of efficient solutions concerning communication in Air Traffic Control.”


Interested? Have a look at the book here.